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Virtual Accounting Services


Expert bookkeeping services provide timely and accurate monthly reconciled financial statements and starts at $350 a month

Quickbooks Online Training

Bookkeeping Training

Get Smart Accounting offers 1:1 bookkeeping training to help you learn to manage your own bookkeeping. Book a Call for a free consultation.

Tax Strategy

The Get Smart Accounting Tax Strategy session will save you thousands of dollars on your business taxes easily with our pre built deduction maximizing calculators.

Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks Online Review

$250 -- Review of your Quickbooks Online bookkeeping for errors - we do an extensive accounting and technical review (not an "audit") of your books and prepare for you remedies and solutions.

This fee can then be applied to services if you need help fixing your quickbooks online issues.

Quickbooks Online Training

Quickbooks Online Cleanup

Clean up, catch up and make sense of your messy books so that you have reliable numbers to make informed business decisions or provide that lender with a profit and loss report to get that refi that you're after. Pricing is based on the complexity and the number of months needing to be cleaned up. Perfect example = 6 months of Last Year = 6 mo X $200 = $1200 minimum for clean up or creation of.

Support Services

When you need an Advanced ProAdvisor for a short period of time to solve your nagging problems and to troubleshoot difficult accounting scenarios. Book a half or full hour Quickbooks Online consultation to get real help. Or get ongoing monthly flat fee support services for DIY'ers.

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Are you self employed and need to delegate?

As the CEO of your business I know you’re tired of dealing with the confusion of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and taxes.  How do I learn accounting, keep track of everything, pay taxes, and run my business?  Its exhausting as a one person “team” and doing everything yourself never is the best solution.  I know this first hand.

At Get Smart Accounting we are passionate about helping you take back a piece of your time, worry less about incorrect numbers, pick up the kids from school, and have the knowledge and tools to get organized with your money and master your business finances.  

Your future depends on it.  

How comfortable you are, later on in life, is directly tied to the decisions you make with your money today.  

Let us take your small business accounting and bookkeeping tasks off of your plate, plan ahead of time to strategically minimize your taxes, and help you learn what you need to know about your financial statements to build a profitable and financially secure business.  


   Get Smart Accounting’s focus on Entrepreneurs has provided us with proven processes to help you save thousands of dollars on your business taxes, learn and understand your financial statements, bookkeeping, and your business’ overall financial health.  We help you with the optimum set up for your unique business and help you establish well informed, business money processes and habits to make great financial decisions with confidence.

We are passionate about Entrepreneurship and helping you succeed by providing the knowledge and tools you need to get your finances organized, compliant, and your tax deductions maximized and taken properly when they apply .  

We have worked with hundreds of business owners, like yourself, to deliver exceptional customer service, pro-active tax planning, personalized service, and a responsive, helpful financial partner on building your dream.

Hey I'm Sarah!

I help entrepreneurs and small businesses boost profitability through:

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virtual bookkeeping services

The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.

Albert Einstein

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Amanda Nichols
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Sarah was so much help to me. My bookkeeper ended up leaving this spring and our books were a mess. Sarah helped me step by step. With me being new to QB and never having used it before, she was patient with me and explained ever step so I would understand and be able to do the work myself, even now she is still there with me when I have off the wall questions on how to do things. I really appreciate all your help.
Kakhaber Omiadze
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years now and I am beyond happy with the work they have done. Everyone I've interacted with has been amazing and helpful and anytime I have questions or concerns they are quickly addressed. I look forward to continuing to use Get Smart Accounting for many years to come. They have saved me so much time wasted time and stress!
Robin L'Heureux
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As a beginner bookkeeper that knew nothing, Sarah has helped me learn the basics and has answered all of my questions. She very patient and knowledgeable and is a great resource that I can contact whenever needed. She always finds the time for all her clients, even small ones like myself, in her busy schedule. Highly recommend!

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